Our Services

Our Services

Wondering if you heard this before. As a pet owner, you could have loved many ones, but your pet only love you. Taking a good care on he/she is always your responsibility but also ours as a groomer. No matter it is dog or cat, they have their own behaviour and temper, therefore, our pre, on-going, or post grooming process are always in a strict SOP. With a standard of procedure, we can ensure the safety of your pet and our groomer, as well as to provide enjoyable experience.

What are the grooming service do we have? If you wish to save more time on reading, always contact us and our service crew will attend to you ASAP.

Dog Grooming

Our dog grooming price is according to a two main categories and other add-on. The main categories such as breed and size, whereas for add-on you can always visit our price list for more information. We are always welcome for any breed for grooming which are as follow: Husky, Pomeranian, Shiba Inu, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Bull Dog, Poodle, Beagle, and many more.

Cat Grooming

You are right that cat will usually lick their hair for cleaning purposes, but from our professional point of view, they still need a regular basic grooming. We believe that you don't want to pet a sticker hair of him/her. As for cat breed, you may refer to the following: Munchkin, Scottish Fold, Persian, Ragdoll, Bengal, British Shorthair, Forest, Siberian, Turkish Angora, Russian Blue and many more.

Pet Shop

Other than grooming service, we do provide products and accessories for your pets. Coming soon.

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